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Breaking News about Three 44-Year-Old Hate Crime Murders Committed by the Nation of Islam



By Nicholas Stix and a Family Member Seeking Justice

How can I claim that by re-publishing a 44-year-old news story, I am running “breaking news”?! Because we live in an anti-knowledge economy, in which the cabal of the “Lügenpresse,” the antiversity, and Hollywood has for generations been progressively destroying knowledge in general, and in particular regarding the scores of racist murders committed across the country during the 1970s by the genocidal, black supremacist cult, the Nation of Islam.

A family member of one of the victims, whom I cannot thank enough, graciously sent me this article. This was the first time I had heard of the war crime victim, Army Pvt. Stephen Frechette, 18, Dover, N.H., may he rest in peace.

The Argus Fremont – Newark, California Page 16 Friday, August 31, 1973


Gun links execution slayings

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) – The same 22-caliber gun used in the execution-style killings of three apparent hitchhikers in separate locations this month, police disclosed Thursday.
The link to the apparently unrelated killings of three young men had been established earlier but kept secret for fear the killer would dispose of the gun, police said.
But disposal has likely already occurred, police said.
The victims all had been shot several times in the head and torso and one victim had several ice pick-type wounds apparently inflicted before he was shot.
The victims were Jose Villaroman Jr., 18, Pacifica, Stephen Conachy, 22, Daly City, and Army Pvt. Stephen Frechette, 18, Dover, N.H.
Villaroman’s body was found near the top of San Bruno Mountain in San Mateo County Aug. 4. His body bore stab wounds. Conachy’s body was found the same day in a vacant lot in San Francisco’s Ingleside district.
Frechette’s body was found eight days later near Candlestick Park.
Police were not certain of the motives in the killings. Two of the victims had been robbed, one had not.
Three other young men have been murdered in the San Francisco-San Mateo area this month but bullets recovered did not match those found in the three apparent hitchhikers, police said.


Blogger Unknown said...

Villaroman, I believe that young man was the son of a friend of my father. White mom and phillapino father. He always believed he was zebra victim. My mom worked in law enforcement at this time. She said the numbers added up to over 300 murdered. Points earned for killing . also my dad knew Leroy doctor, I believe he beat the pg&e worker attempted murder.. He is in Vacaville?? Transvestite now.. Crazy. My dad was in reform school with Doctor.. Thanks for keeping this story alive. I believe this group of terrorism is still a threat

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