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Newest Nation of Islam Murder

By Nicholas Stix
Thursday, March 30, 2017

Was murder victim Corrina Mehiel herself a war criminal?

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix
Updated at 5:39 p.m., on Friday, March 31, 2017 WEJBNicholas Stix, Uncensored

Thanks to my friend and partner-in-crime, David in TN, who remarks,

P.S. The killer was apparently a NOI member, who “converted in prison.”
“Awful, said Rafer Hoxsworth. ‘I wonder if the suspect would have spared her had he known how hard she fought for social justice during her life.’”

Apparently, one of the meanings of “social justice” is supporting the wanton slaughter of non-communist whites.

Note that “Hoxsworth,” a pseudonym, would not speak of the killer, without euphemism, referring to him instead as “the suspect.”

A “suspect” is someone believed to be a killer, and/or someone who has been arrested for a killing, and who still formally enjoys the presumption of innocence. However, the person who killed Corrina Mehiel is not “the suspect,” he’s the murderer!


Above and below, purported pictures of the murder suspect now in custody, whose actual identity remains unknown, who has gone by “El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure,” “Elie Brown,” and many other aliases: Was he just engaging in poetic justice? (I realize that they look like two different mopes; that's why I said "purported." Look, we don't even know this mope's real name!)



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“The Zebra Murders: The First Victims?”;

“Lest We Forget: Remembering the Zebra Victims”;

“Domestic Terrorism: The Nation of Islam and the Zebra Murders”;

“Seven Blacks Seized in 'Zebra' Murders”;

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“The Nation of Islam's Sacramento Murders, Part II”;

“The Nation of Islam's Sacramento Murders, Part III”;

“Larry Pratt: Picture of a Genocidal Racist and Future Murderer”;

“Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Mosque Ambush Murder of White NYPD Cop Philip Cardillo is in the News Again, as Racist Black CB 10 Chairwoman”; and

“The Oklahoma City Nation of Islam Murders.”]


White Social Justice Warrior Dies at Hands of Black Killer
By Colin Flaherty
March 30, 2017
American Thinker

Nobody had to tell Corrina Mehiel about the white privilege that killed her. It was a major focus of her life as a white Social Justice Warrior disguised as an artist.

Earlier this month, that work took her to George Washington University in the nation’s capital. There she was part of a project drawing attention to one feature of white privilege or another.

This time, lead paint in old houses occupied predominantly by black people.

Just a few days after she was photographed with Nancy Pelosi grinning in approval, friends found Mehiel tied up, stabbed, tortured, and ultimately dead at the hands of El Hadji Alpha Madiou Toure, a black man arrested driving her car and using her debit card.

He said he didn’t do it.

Even the newest practitioner of Critical Race Theory learns that the expectation of safety is a white thing: Black people don’t have it. So why should white people think they deserve it?

That is what activists by the score told Tracey Halvorsen, in response to her article titled “Baltimore, You Are Breaking My Heart,” detailing the day to day black on white harassment, threats, violence and murder in her gentrified Baltimore neighborhood. All detailed in that scintillating best seller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry.

None of that mattered to Mehiel or the reporters who praised her racial activism even as they ignored the bitter irony of her death.

Mehiel was white and down with the cause, so Mehiel thought the cause was down with her. So did her friends. A fatal mistake:

“Awful,” said Rafer Hoxsworth. “I wonder if the suspect would have spared her had he known how hard she fought for social justice during her life.”

She is hardly the first preacher of the gospel of relentless black victimization to die at the hands of black people whom they sought to protect from relentless white racist violence.

In Oakland, David Ruenzel, a white writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center who was among the first to write about that thing called White Privilege, met a similar fate in an Oakland park – documented on these pages.

Then there was the Baltimore t-shirt vendor for Black Lives Matter, robbed, beaten, but still alive. And the old white dude who was trying to convince a group of Black Lives Protesters in Berkeley not to loot the Radio Shack. They hit him on the head with a hammer for his trouble. He lived too.

This is a long list.

Most white allies know enough to do their virtue display a safe distance from the black predators they seek to shelter and exonerate.

But not Mehiel.

Her Facebook page and blog are full of anger toward the white racism that she was convinced was causing so much violence towards innocent black people:

“This year has been exciting and terrifying. So many tragedies inflicted on the full spectrum of non-white males in my country.

“I have spent many days trying to understand this moment in our history. Feeling so proud of what we have all accomplished.”

[N.S. postscript, Saturday, March 3, 2018: She never spent a single second “trying to understand this moment in our history.”]

“Sobbing with the country at the death of the young, beautiful [homosexuals] people in Orlando. Crying to my father after watching Philando Castile pass in real time in front of the whole world.”

[N.S. postscript, Saturday, March 3, 2018: Corrina Mehiel never “sobbed” over the slaughter of normal whites, at the hands of blacks or Hispanics.]

“His strong and beautiful girlfriend having the strength to show that story to an already grieving country.”

[N.S. postscript, Saturday, March 3, 2018: Philando Castile’s grifter, momentary sex partner did not show “that story,” let alone in real time.]

“And through it all watching the women in my life spend the year in worried apprehension.

“Trying to be excited for the future, and all the while listening as others rallied around chants of hate and fear toward people of color, people of other religions, people of the lesser sex, people who don’t check one gender box.”

Her Facebook page is bursting with the gospel of black victimization, from the death of Biggie Smalls to the white racism of Donald Trump to the white racism destroying schools in Detroit and everything in between.

Her belief in black victimization came, she said, at an early age when her mother read to her the book that would change her life: It Takes a Village, by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Hillary’s book may have neglected to mention that black on white murder is wildly out of proportion: And how a black person is 27 times (at least) more likely to murder a white person than vice versa.

In the few days before and after Mehiel’s murder, that trend continued around the country.

Down in Jacksonville, Florida, a white music teacher told a black man that she did not want to hire him to clean her yard. He killed her. For the music teacher and mother of four, it was her second time around the block: 23 years ago, another black intruder broke into the same house and almost killed her.

For the killer, it was his 33rd arrest.

A Jacksonville news station found her testimony at that trial and broadcast it.

In Tulsa, a 19-year-old white girl came home early for lunch and found a black person burglarizing her apartment. He killed her. Cops said the man they arrested for her murder was the chief suspect in two other murders, but they could not prove it.

That is cop talk for ‘this is his third murder, at least.’

In Milwaukee, a group of black people carjacked a white city inspector and killed him. The same mayor who has appointed himself one of the nation’s top preachers of the gospel of black victimization and white racism appeared before the TV cameras to wonder how this could have happened.

Not one reporter suggested the obvious: Violence and murder and denial is part of a pattern in Milwaukee and around the rest of the country. And he is part of the problem.

In Spring Lake, North Carolina, a white mother of two was found murdered outside her home. Her black boyfriend is under arrest.

In Cincinnati, a white man named Jamie Urton (also here) was driving through a black neighborhood when a black child darted in front of his car, striking it. The child was shaken, but okay. Urton died after three black people pulled him from the car, beat him, then shot him.

Neighbors say it happens all the time.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the #1 Amazon Bestseller Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry. Many of the episodes in this article can be found by clicking here for a link to his YouTube channel.


Anonymous said...

"how a black person is 27 times (at least) more likely to murder a white person than vice versa."

At a MINIMUM! Tally probably much more and skewed. Across the board in all categories of crime.

Friday, March 31, 2017 at 10:23:00 AM EDT

Anonymous said...

I wonder if at her last moment of existence she said: "You goddamned nigger!!"?

Friday, March 31, 2017 at 10:24:00 AM EDT

Richard Brown said...

Let the girl rest. She was deluded but she did not by any stretch of the imagination deserve this.I was just as naive at her age.

Friday, March 31, 2017 at 2:21:00 PM EDT  

Friday, March 02, 2018

MSM and Pols Disrespect Nation of Islam Cop-Killer, the Min. Louis Farrakhan, by Refusing to Give Him Credit for the Shooting of White Philly Cop, Officer Jesse Hartnett, by Black Muslim, Edward Archer

Monday, January 11, 2016
Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

[Previously, at WEJB/NSU:

“Remember the Nation of Islam (Zebra) Murders!”;

“Louis Farrakhan’s Murder of New York City Police Department Officer Philip Cardillo”; and

“Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam Mosque Ambush Murder of White NYPD Cop Philip Cardillo is in the News Again, as Racist Black CB 10 Chairwoman Lyle Sandbags Cop Trying to Get Harlem Street Named After Cardillo; Fox News Bars All Commenting on Story!”.]

Farrakhan and the Philly Police Shooting: Why Hide His Light Beneath a Basket?
By Colin Flaherty
January 11, 2016
American Thinker

The Reverend Louis Farrakhan has to be pissed off. Even more than usual.
Edward Archer, a follower of Farrakhan's teachings, received international attention for gunning down a cop in Philadelphia in the name of Allah.

But Farrakhan got no props. Nothing.

Farrakhan has worked as hard as anyone to preach racial hostilityand resentment against white people and cops in America. Just a few months ago, Farrakhan told a gathering at a packed Baptist Church about how he wanted to find 10,000 black men to "rise up and kill those who kill us."

He of course was talking about "the enemy" who has oppressed black people for "400 years." He went on to say how the Koran "prescribed" black people to take violent action against those who enslaved them – white people and cops, his favorite targets.

All he needed was a few more black men who realized that "death is sweeter than life under tyranny" to get the ball rolling.

It's an old problem for all faiths: everybody wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die. Then Archer showed up, turned 10,000 to 9,999, and reporters and public officials could not be bothered to recognize Farrakhan for his important contribution.

Like the Philly gunman, Farrakhan is down with ISIS. He even brags about it: ISIS wants "America to send some troops back so they can send them back in body bags," Farrakhan said in October in a speech that Breitbart, but few others, followed. "The world has taken enough of America's evil. So death is sweeter to some than continuing to live under white supremacy and under tyranny."

Then Philadelphia happened: A black man, a devout Moslem, was wearing Moslem garb when he ambushed a white cop in a black neighborhood and shot at him 13 times. Hitting him thrice.

Soon after, Archer told the police he did it for Islam, in the name of ISIS. He did not mention Farrakhan, but he did not have to, any more than a killer singing "Strangers in the Night" would have to say he heard it from Sinatra.

America's most famous Moslem has been saying that often and a lot: ISIS good. White supremacy bad. Not sure why anyone would be surprised when someone like Archer listens.

Archer's brother said he was angry at how white police treated black people. Apparently, they were picking on them all the time for no reason whatsoever.

That's Farrakhan talking. Not ISIS.

But none of that mattered to the mayor of Philadelphia and a legion of local and national media. They all pretend Farrakhan is just another angry and ineffectual black man of the Lord, and after all, they do come in handy once in a while.

So they ignore him or pretend not to know what he means. The same way reporters ignored Black Lives Matter when they chanted, "What do want? Dead cops. When do we want them? Now" or "Pigs in a blanket. Fry 'em like bacon."
First in line to ignore Farrakhan was the new mayor of Philadelphia, who denied that the killer had anything to do with the religion of peace. "It is abhorrent," said Mayor Jim Kenney. "It does not represent the religion in any shape or form or any of the teachings."

The mayor of Baltimore had no problem acknowledging Farrakhan and his followers.

After the recent Baltimore riots, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake thanked "the Nation of Islam, who has been very present in our effort to keep calm and peace in our city."

The Nation of Islam of was there during the riots. No one disputes that.

The Nation of Farrakhan gets similar access and respect and public acknowledgement in other Chocolate Cities around the country.

But acknowledging everything Farrakhan did and said to encourage a shooter like Archer? Not a word.

Instead, one outlet after another trotted out its experts on ISIS to discuss whether this was some kind of new front in the international war on terror.

Congressman Mike McCaul, chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, told Gretchen Carlson the shooter was acting on orders from ISIS.

On CNN, another expert explained how this shooting all stemmed from a 2013 sermon at a mosque in Kabul.

But nothing about all the words coming from Farrakhan's mansion in Chicago.
Dang – the guy just cannot catch a break.

Colin Flaherty is the author of the Amazon #1 bestseller Don't Make the Black Kids Angry: The hoax of black victimization. He was recently named one of the Top Ten Culture Warriors of 2015 by WND.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Racist, Mass-Murdering Nation of Islam Hid in the Shadows, and Slaughtered White Students at California’s Most Prestigious Universities

[See also: “The List: Whites Slaughtered, or Grievously Wounded by the Nation of Islam.”  

The Nation of Islam Slaughtered White Students at Stanford and UC Berkeley

Wednesday, July 22, 2015
By David in TN Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

This is something I found. It's the May 2, 1974 Stanford Daily, of all things. It covers a press conference by San Francisco Mayor Alioto announcing the Zebra arrests. Alioto mentions a Stanford student named David Levine as being a victim the previous fall, along with some other Stanford grad students. Alioto said only an "informant" had given him this information.

[N.S.: That was likely Anthony Cornelius Harris.]

California Attorney General Evell Younger denied there was a statewide murder campaign-"No evidence at the present time." [N.S.: That was a bald-faced lie, by Younger.] Alioto said he had conferred with Attorney General Saxbe (Nixon had three months left), who said the matter would be investigated. Alioto said the number murdered by Black Muslims was "about 80.”

Google "Tom Manney Zebra Killings" and you can find some other news stories for this press conference.



N.S.: The text below was scanned, with primitive technology, from the microfilm, microfiche, or whatever electronic form of reproduction the story was saved on. I corrected it, as best I could, but a couple of minor gaps remain.  

The Stanford Daily > The Stanford Daily, 2 May 1974

The Stanford Daily, Volume 165, Issue 51, 2 May 1974

Issue PDF (22.20 MB)

This digitized issue of the Stanford Daily is sponsored by Rich Jaroslovsky  

Alioto Links Levine, Zebra Killings


David Levine — the 20-year old Stanford student murdered on campus last September — may have been a victim of the "Death Angels," the organization allegedly responsible for the so-called Zebra killings. San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto, announcing the arrest of seven men in connection with the killings, said Levine's murder was one of 73 "murderous assaults" in the state that might be laid to the reputed black separatist sect. Santa Clara County Sheriff's L . [?] Detective Capt. Frank Mosunic told the Daily yesterday that "what we have would coincide with what San Francisco has released to the media." Mosunic said that there is a "very strong possibility that two blacks were involved in the murder," and that "we wil1 be in touch with San Francisco tonight, and some people from Alameda." Police had speculated that the Sept. 11 Levine murder might be connected with the Dec. 20 slaying of a UC-Berkeley graduate student. Both victims were brutally and repeatedly stabbed in the chest and back. The Berkeley murder was also on Alioto's list.  

No Comment

Mosunic declined any further comment on the matter. A Berkeley Police Department spokesman flatly refused to comment on the reports. Police Services Director Marvin Herrington was out of town and unavailable for comment, and Stanford Capt. William Wullschleger referred all inquiries to Mosunic. Levine, a physics major from Ithaca. N.Y., was slain sometime between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Sept. 11. His body was discovered on a walkway near Meyer Library by an early-morning jogger. He had been active in student government here, and had been an ASSU senator. (The Daily has learned that local law enforcement authorities do not feel that two other recent unsolved campus murders — those of Leslie Marie Perlov, 21, and Janet Taylor, 20 — are related to the Zebra investigation. Both women were strangled.)  

'Reverse KKK'

At a press conference yesterday, Alioto said that the seven Zebra suspects — arrested by police in a series of raids beginning at 5 a.m. yesterday morning — were members of a nationwide group he described as "a reverse Ku Klux Klan." "The 'Death Angels,' who use wings as an insignia, literally earn their promotion upon presentation of proof of the number and nature of the murders committed," Alioto alleged, "The local group is a division of a larger organization dedicated to the murder and mutilation of whites and dissident blacks," Alioto claimed. "The pattern of killing is by random street shooting or hacking to death with machete, cleaver or knife." The seven suspects arrested yesterday were identified as J.C. Simon, 29; Larry Greene, 22; Dwight Stallings, 28; Tom Manney, 31; Edgar D. Burton, 22; Manuel Moore, 23; and Clarence Jamerson, 29. [N.S.: Simon, Greene, and Moore would all be convicted, and sentenced to life in prison; the DA’s office would drop charges against the other four, for lack of evidence. Simon died in prison in 2015; Larry Greene and Jesse Lee Cookes are still in prison. According to David in TN’s researches, Manuel Moore’s whereabouts are presently (February 21, 2018) unknown.] No further personal information was released.  


All the suspects were booked on charges of murder or conspiracy to commit murder. Police said the men would be arraigned today. According to Alioto, the "Death Angels" are "fanatical believers in black separatism" who base their philosophy on "muddled aberrations clearly outside the mainstream of Islamic religions. In my opinion, it represents as much potential threat to blacks as to whites." Promotions in the alleged organization are determined by a national leader located outside of California, Alioto said.  


"The investigation will continue until we are satisfied that we have rounded up all the members of this group and have insured the fact that new members will not take their place," he said. [N.S.: Bogus; they did no such thing.] State Atty. Gen. Evelle Younger said at a news conference he has "no clear evidence" linking the Zebra killings to any others outside the Bay Area, but conceded that his office had not yet viewed all evidence used by San Francisco police. [That was a bald-faced lie. California state law enforcement had linked over 70 “motiveless” murders, carried out by young, well-groomed, conservatively-dressed, 20-something black men against whites statewide since circa 1970.] He noted that it was not improper to say that there were similarities between the Zebra killings and a number of others in the state since 1971. The Zebra case was apparently broken with the aid of an informant who had witnessed some of the killings. —Daily photo by David FranU [?] MURDER CONNECTIONS — The murder of Stanford junior David Levine last September may have been one of 73 committed in the state by the "Death Angels," allegedly responsible for the Zebra killings.

Posted by

5:05 P.M.


David In TN said...

A few days ago, I decided to do an internet search on the Zebra Murders to find something I hadn't seen before. I discovered this Stanford Daily piece. Yes, it was undoubtedly Anthony Harris who told Alioto (and law enforcement) about the David Levine murder being among the Zebra killings. I have a hunch Harris was a participant (of two according to him) in the David Levine murder. It would have been awkward charging and putting him on trial as Harris was the key witness for the larger picture. There was also the December 20, 1973 unnamed UC-Berkeley student also "brutally stabbed in the chest and back." Harris was likely involved in this one as well. Now, here is my question. I'll take 71 as the number of murders in California attributed to this group. Were there any arrests, trials, or convictions (outside of Sacramento) for any of them? I presume a researcher could go to the California Department of Justice and find the records, or could he? California Attorney General Evelle Younger's statement was the typical politician's non-denial denial.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015 at 7:24:00 PM EDT  

David In TNsaid...

Attorney General William Saxbe was an example of a "Cuck," over 40 years ago. Saxbe had been elected to the U.S. Senate from Ohio in 1968. While there, he was a McCain-type, always attacking his own party to gain plaudits from the media. When Nixon fired Eliot Richardson as Attorney General in October 1973, he needed someone the Senate would confirm, thus Saxbe became Attorney General in January 1974.After the Hibernia bank robbery in San Francisco in April 1974 by the SLA with Patty Hearst seeming to participate, Saxbe made a big show of calling the kidnapped heiress "a common criminal."

This, of course, was totally unethical, but Saxbe liked to shoot from the hip for headlines, especially those he knew the MSM was eager for. When San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto briefed Saxbe on the Zebra murders and asked for federal assistance, Saxbe would only "consider it."

Saxbe made a big show of condemning Patty Hearst, whose willing participation at that point was very questionable. About the Zebra murders, he was silent. For newspaper accounts of Alioto's meeting with Saxbe, Google "William Saxbe, Zebra murders."

Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 7:03:00 PM EDT  

David In TNsaid...

For the Mar 14, 1976 Los Angeles Times account of the verdict in the San Francisco trial, Google: "Daryl Lembke, Zebra Murders."

This is the only contemporary account I've found. A paragraph says: "The jury, which included two blacks, had deliberated 3 1/2 days. Jurors asked six times during the deliberations for readings of certain testimony, for rereading of portions of the instructions or to see exhibits."

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 at 8:38:00 PM EDT  

David In TN said...

As indicated above, I periodically check the internet for material on the Zebra murders. Today, by accident, I found the May 2, 1974 New York Times piece on the San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto press conference by one Wallace Turner.

Here ( is the thread. California Attorney General Younger and the local FBI man were again quoted saying "I know nothing." John Muhammad, "minister of Temple 26 in San Francisco," gave a 10-minute news conference "where questions were not taken." What kind of news conference is there where questions are not taken?

Alioto said a man from a midwestern city directed the murders. The NYT story ended with:"Mr. Alioto issued a list of 73 names of murder victims from several parts of this state, but he said that he suspected there were more than 80 murders committed by Death Angels and that some would never be, known. He mentioned that many suspicious disappearances had been reported to policemen in several California cities."So Mayor Alioto "issued a list" to the press? Why hasn't someone printed it? I presume it had names, dates, and places.

[N.S.: “[A] man from a midwestern city.” The city was obviously “New Mecca,” known by humans as “Chicago.” But who was the man? I have an idea or one.]

Sunday, March 12, 2017 at 6:13:00 PM EDT  

David In TN said...

David Levine was indeed on the list you published today.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 at 4:35:00 PM EST

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Black Supremacist, Nation of Islam Serial Murder News

The List: Whites Slaughtered, or Grievously Wounded by the Nation of Islam

By Nicholas Stix

A friend recently sent me the scan of the article which I have transcribed below.

The friend is somebody I became acquainted with through this research—a family member of NOI Zebra victim Stephen M. Conachy, one of the first San Francisco murder victims. I can’t thank him enough.

I have much more material, and more names of white NOI victims from around the country, but I want to get this up now.

The list below was probably put together by Richard Whalley, who ran the California Department of Justice's Intelligence Analysis Unit (IAU). It has some errors, which may be due to the fact that Whalley was either dying, or already dead of cancer. He died in 1974.

Six white NOI victims who were wounded are listed as dead on the 1974 list. I have identified them with asterisks.

Art Agnos, now 79 years old, went on to be elected San Francisco’s mayor, and serve from 1988-1992.

NOI assassins Jesse Lee Cooks, J.C. Simon (aka J.C.X. Simon), Larry Green and Manuel Moore were convicted of the San Francisco murders, and sentenced to life in prison.

NOI members Dale McKinney, 24, Larry Pratt, 26, and Emery Hanson and Russell Lang, both 19, were convicted of the Sacramento murder of Joseph F.M. Belmore, and all sentenced to life in prison. [Here, here, and here.]

I am double-posting this at my Nation of Islam mass murder blog, The Zebra Project, and at my primary blog, Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.  

Names Of 73 Whose Deaths

Are Tied To ‘Angels’ Group

Friday, May 3, 1974

The Register


The following is the list of murderous assaults in California, with dates and counties, linked by San Francisco Mayor Joseph L. Alioto, to a newly discovered

group called the “Death Angels”:

1. Danny W. Crawford, September 14, 1970, Alameda.

2. John Doe, October 25, 1970, Alameda.

3. Norman R. Wagner, October 27, 1970, Alameda.

4. Albert D. Smith, October 27, 1970, Alameda.

5. James Matthew Larson, November 10, 1970, Alameda.

6. Griswold Wilson, November 10, 1970, Alameda.

7. William H. Blanco, June 18, 1971, Los Angeles.

8. James B. Cowen, July 27, 1971, Alameda.

9. Henry D. Bennett, August 12, 1971, Alameda.

10. Jane A. Oleyar, August 29, 1971, Alameda.

11. Arthur E. Silva, September 2, 1971, Alameda.

12. Joseph R. Rusnak, September 18-19, 1971, Alameda.

13. Allason [sp?] Hassenforder, September 18-19, 1971, Alameda.

14. Raymond Novack, September 19, 1971, Alameda.

15. Ernie Styrman, September 19, 1971, Alameda.

16. Bruce W. Lamar, September 19, 1971, Alameda.

17. Wayne Weslely Hancock, December 25, 1971, Los Angeles.

18. Kenneth A. Holden, January 16, 1972, Santa Clara.

19. David Stephenson, June 22, 1972, Los Angeles.

20. Timothy R. Carswell, June 22, 1972, Los Angeles.

21. Bill M. Pieresa, June 22, 1972, Los Angeles.

22. Alex Lewandowski, June 23, 1972, Los Angeles.

23. Raymond T. Sitemore, June 23, 1972, Los Angeles.

24. Allan Lee Brite, October 8, 1972, Alameda.

25. Clay Thomas Carlin, Jr., February 10, 1973, Alameda.

26. George F. Miller, March 19, 1973, Los Angeles.

27. Victor Joseph Zalneraitis, March 30, Los Angeles.

28. Thomas E. Mitchell, April 21, 1973, Alameda.

29. Anna Lynn Suer, April 21, 1973, Alameda.

30. Robert James Loudon, May 19, 1973, Los Angeles.

31. Ronald Keith Parker, July 29, 1973, Los Angeles.

32. Thomas Wayne Kipling, July 30, 1973, Los Angeles.

33. John Dare Joice, August 4, 1973, Los Angeles.

34. Darrell Matott, August 4, 1973, Los Angeles.

35. Jose Vallaroman [Villaroman], August 4, 1973, Los Angeles [San Francisco].

36. Stephen M. Conachy, August 4, 1973, San Francisco.

37. William M. Durno, August 6, 1973, Los Angeles.

38. Stephen C. Frechette, August 12, 1973, San Francisco.

39. Tim R. Hinch, September 9, 1973, Contra Costa.

40. David Sidney Levine, September 11, 1973, Santa Clara.

41. Thomas A. Garrison, September 15, 1973, Alameda.

42. Gordon Swinford, September 25, 1973, Alameda.

43. Kirk Alan Hughes, September 25, 1973, Alameda.

44. Robert M. Weinstein, September 27, 1973, Alameda.

45. Roger M. O’Meara, October 6, 1973, Alameda.

46. Sonia C. Markovich, October 20, 1973, Alameda.

47. Quita Hague, October 20, 1973, San Francisco.

48. Frances R. Rose, October 30, 1973, San Francisco.

49. Robert W. Stockmann, November 9, 1973, San Francisco.*

50. Saleem Erakat, November 25, 1973, San Francisco.

51. Machael Marie Shain, December 3, 1973, Alameda.

52. Kathy Sue Pethtel, December 3, 1973, Alameda.

53. Paul Dancik, December 11, 1973, San Francisco.

54. Arthur Agnos, December 13, 1973, San Francisco.*

55. Marietta DiGirolamo, December 13, 1973, San Francisco.

56. Alario [Ilario?] Bertuccio, December 20, 1973, San Francisco.

57. Teresa DiMartini, December 20, 1973, San Francisco.

58. Eric Benjamin Abramson, December 20, 1973, Alameda.

59. Neal Moynihan, December 22, 1973, San Francisco.

60. Mildred Hosler, December 22, 1973, San Francisco.

61. Tana Smith, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.

62. Vincent Wollin, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.

63. John Bambic, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.

64. Jane Holly, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.

65. Roxann McMillian, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.*

66. Frederick Peter Wagner, January 28, 1974, San Francisco.

67. Thomas Bates, January 29, 1974, Alameda.

68. Thomas Rainwater, April 1, 1974, San Francisco.

69. Linda Story, April 1, 1974, San Francisco.*

70. Terry White, April 14, 1974, San Francisco.*

71. Ward Anderson, April 14, 1974, San Francisco.*

72. Nelson I. Shield [Shields] IV, April 16, 194,7 [1974], San Francisco.

73. Joseph FM Belmore April 24, 1974, Sacramento.

[On or about the same date as the Belmore murder, Raymond Silva, 53, was ambushed in an alley behind his Sacramento home, and killed by an assassin with a shotgun blast.]

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Breaking News about Three 44-Year-Old Hate Crime Murders Committed by the Nation of Islam



By Nicholas Stix and a Family Member Seeking Justice

How can I claim that by re-publishing a 44-year-old news story, I am running “breaking news”?! Because we live in an anti-knowledge economy, in which the cabal of the “Lügenpresse,” the antiversity, and Hollywood has for generations been progressively destroying knowledge in general, and in particular regarding the scores of racist murders committed across the country during the 1970s by the genocidal, black supremacist cult, the Nation of Islam.

A family member of one of the victims, whom I cannot thank enough, graciously sent me this article. This was the first time I had heard of the war crime victim, Army Pvt. Stephen Frechette, 18, Dover, N.H., may he rest in peace.

The Argus Fremont – Newark, California Page 16 Friday, August 31, 1973


Gun links execution slayings

SAN FRANCISCO (UPI) – The same 22-caliber gun used in the execution-style killings of three apparent hitchhikers in separate locations this month, police disclosed Thursday.
The link to the apparently unrelated killings of three young men had been established earlier but kept secret for fear the killer would dispose of the gun, police said.
But disposal has likely already occurred, police said.
The victims all had been shot several times in the head and torso and one victim had several ice pick-type wounds apparently inflicted before he was shot.
The victims were Jose Villaroman Jr., 18, Pacifica, Stephen Conachy, 22, Daly City, and Army Pvt. Stephen Frechette, 18, Dover, N.H.
Villaroman’s body was found near the top of San Bruno Mountain in San Mateo County Aug. 4. His body bore stab wounds. Conachy’s body was found the same day in a vacant lot in San Francisco’s Ingleside district.
Frechette’s body was found eight days later near Candlestick Park.
Police were not certain of the motives in the killings. Two of the victims had been robbed, one had not.
Three other young men have been murdered in the San Francisco-San Mateo area this month but bullets recovered did not match those found in the three apparent hitchhikers, police said.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Salon’s David Talbot, the Zebra Murders, and Nicholas Stix

By David in TN  


As I told you before, I've been searching for everything I could find on the Zebra Murders on the internet and decided to get the Earl Sanders book and Season of the Witch, by David Talbot.

Talbot is the son of actor Lyle Talbot and is a big lefty who founded Salon. He's also written a book on JFK and RFK calling them great liberal heroes cut down by those evil right-wingers who try to halt progress.

Season of the Witch is about San Francisco's emergence as a liberal paradise of Tolerance and Diversity. Talbot does tell the truth about Jim Jones being embraced by the city's liberals. Talbot believes Jones stuffed the ballot box for George Moscone.

Talbot has a 20-page chapter on the Zebra Murders. Not too remarkable, doesn't excuse it, but follows the party line, such as it is. But there is a surprise in his Sources for Chapter 20.

Talbot admits "There was a lurking suspicion in law enforcement circles that not all the Zebra conspirators had been rounded up." He repeats Mayor Alioto's statement that "the total Zebra victim count might exceed eighty, not the twenty-three officially listed in San Francisco, and suggested that the mysterious disappearance of numerous hitchhikers on California roads might be tied to the group that he identified as 'the Death Angels.'"

Talbot wrote that the Zebra killings stopped after the arrests and agrees with Sanders that "Harris exaggerated the dimensions of the Zebra plot and even its official connection to the Black Muslims."

But Talbot admits in the next paragraph that the Nation of Islam paid for the defense of all the Zebra suspects, except Cooks. Why did they pay for the defense if there was no connection? Talbot doesn't answer.

Now for the surprise among David Talbot's sources for his chapter on the Zebra Murders. For "Documents," he has, as his sole entry:

So David Talbot, founder of Salon, has been to this site and listed it as a source. Maybe some of his readers have come here.

Thursday, August 27, 2015 at 5:28:00 P.M. PDT

Saturday, August 01, 2015

Racist, Nation of Islam Zebra Serial Killer Found Dead in Prison Cell


Mug shot of the serial killer as a handsome young man (1974)


By A.L.

Error by Nicholas Stix corrected at 12:37 p.m., March 14, 2015.

Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

J.C.X. Simon from Zebra DIED IN PRISON. His real name was J.C. Simon, but he added the "X" as an NOI identifier.

More details later.


An undated May 17, 2012 mug shot of Simon as an old jailbird