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The Beltway Sniper Killings Equal Zebra Killings II?


By Nicholas Stix
Toogood Reports
[Weekender, October 27, 2002; 12:01 a.m. EST]

The profilers — the "experts" — all told us that the Beltway Sniper was a white man, from 20-30 years of age, likely a racist, gun collector. Instead, the main suspect — excuse me, "person of interest" in custody, is 41-year-old black supremacist, John Allen Williams, aka John Allen Muhammad. Williams/Muhammad, a Gulf War veteran, earned the title of "expert" marksman while in the army. The other suspect, who was arrested with Williams/Muhammad, is 17-year-old John Lee Malvo, reportedly a Jamaican citizen, and may be Williams/Muhammad's son or stepson. Reportedly, the turning point in the investigation was the linking of Malvo to a September 21 double-shooting at a Montgomery, Alabama, liquor store, in which one woman was killed and another critically wounded.

Williams/Muhammad offered to work security for the Nation of Islam's 1995 Million Man March hatefest, which evoked Hitler's 1930s Nuremberg Nazi rallies. The NOI's founder, Wallace Fard (1903?-1933?), preached that he would pay the passage to Mecca of any black man who murdered a white.

The moment I heard on Wednesday night that the main "person of interest" was a black supremacist, I thought of the "Zebra Killings."

During the early 1970s until 1974, anywhere from 14 to 270 murders of whites were carried out up and down the California coast by approximately 15 members of the Black Muslims, who are now known as the Nation of Islam. The murders became known as the "Zebra Killings" because police working the case used frequency "Z." Many people thought that the term "Zebra" referred to the fact that the crimes were all black-on-white murders.

The Black Muslims were led from circa 1933 until 1975, by the Hon. Elijah Muhammad/Elijah Poole; the since renamed Nation of Islam is led by Min. Louis Farrakhan. Five of the killers, or as they called themselves, Death Angels, were caught and convicted: Jesse Lee Cooks, J.C.X. Simon, Larry Green, Manuel Moore and Anthony Harris, on Harris' testimony.

However, there were fifteen or more Zebra killers. As Clark Howard chronicled in his book, Zebra: The True Account of the 179 Days of Terror in San Francisco, the killers received help from fellow Black Muslims, and the Black Muslims paid the legal fees of all of the arrestees except for Harris. There would otherwise have been no way for them to elude capture. Two of the reasons contributing to the Zebra killers' success were the authorities' political cowardice in covering-up their knowledge of organized racial, mass murder, and their refusal to keep houses of worship under surveillance (sound familiar?).

The City and County of San Francisco claims that the Zebra killers murdered 14 people. Louis Calabro, however, who was a San Fancisco P.D. sergeant at the time, wrote Toogood Reports,

"The correct numbers for the Zebra victims are 23 attacks in San Francisco, and 15 died. The first murdered victim, Quita (nee Perilli-Minetti) Hague, and her husband were abducted and taken to an isolated area of San Francisco, near 25 Street and Minnesota by the RR tracks and she was almost decapitated with a machete as she pleaded for her life. Her husband Richard survived the machete attack.

"The California State Department of Criminal Information confirmed that there were 71 similar murders throughout California at that time.

"The author of the only book on the subject, Clark Howard ... wrote, after interviews with the suspects, police etc., that he believed there were almost 270 such killings."

When the San Francisco Police Department finally mobilized against the Zebra killers, black San Franciscans were outraged at the police, and showed no compassion for the white victims.

And yet, while homicidal hatred may start with a specific target group, it will not be limited or tamed.

The Beltway Sniper demanded that $10 million be sent to the account of a stolen credit card. Al Qaeda-type terrorists have never demanded money. And earlier genocidal black supremacists, most notably Marcus M. Garvey (1887-1940), the founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and the Back-to-Africa movement, did not want the white man's money. Since the 1960s' welfare revolution, however, black supremacists have fallen as much in love with extorting money out of whites, as they already were with the idea of slaughtering all whites. The best-known contemporary black supremacist demand, is for reparations of up to $1M to be paid to every black man, woman, and child in America. A few years ago, Nation of Islam leader Min. Louis Farrakhan demanded that blacks be paid billions of dollars by the American government, and given a large piece of land for their own nation.

While the mainstream media have broadcast black reparations demands unchallenged, they have refused to publicize the black supremacist ideology — in particular, the genocidal theory and practice — behind the demands. Today, the two, seemingly incompatible ideas of racial extortion and genocide exist side by side, in black supremacist thought and practice.

In recent years, racial murders by unorganized black supremacists have become routine, but are almost never reported as such. Instead, they are reported as "robberies gone wrong" or assaults with fatal results, often without citing the respective races of the victim and killer. Frequently, major newspapers misrepresent the nature of such killings, by refusing to report racist statements made by the killers. David Horowitz' web site long featured a section on "Politically Incorrect Crimes," which Horowitz has inexplicably dropped. A very partial listing of some such crimes is available at the web site of American Renaissance magazine.

Many observers will, no doubt, argue that a gunman killing members of all races, including blacks, "doesn't fit the profile" of a racial supremacist.

People are bound to keep on talking, with straight faces, of "profiles." It's human nature. However, keep in mind, that in the past, the primary victims of genocidal black supremacists were ... other blacks. If Marcus Garvey treated his enemies badly, he treated his friends much worse. The paranoid Garvey left a trail of blood, often the blood of allies, in his wake. And during the period of the Zebra killings, a schism within the Black Muslims led to at least 13 murders of fellow Muslims, according to Arthur Magida, in his book, Prophet of Rage: A Life of Louis Farrakhan and His Nation.

From 1974-1976 in Nassau County, I was a token white in the federally-funded, black supremacist Youth Justice Program. In the YJP's 1975 summer program, all participants were given Sam Greenlee's 1969, James-Bond-in-blackface novel, The Spook Who Sat by the Door.

In Spook, the hero, "Freeman" (get it?), the first black CIA agent, organizes black youth gangs in all of America's cities, whom he leads in a bloody, racial revolution. Freeman kills his best friend, "Dawson," a police detective, when he refuses to go over to Freeman's side.

Note that Greenlee's novel was acclaimed by the mainstream media ("Deadly" — Newsweek, and "Blends James Bond parody with wit and rage," according to Time, on the 1990 reprint's cover.) When whites have written similar stories in which the heroes are white, they have been condemned as racist madmen.

The middle-class YJP counselors, most notably a spoiled, Harvard psychology student, insisted that Spook was not only great literature, but a realistic plan of action. In the intervening 27 years, the ranks of those blacks who agree with them have swelled, as have their insane rationalizations and targets.


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