Thursday, February 14, 2013

Nation of Islam Mass Murderer John Allen Muhammad is Scheduled to be Executed Today


By Nicholas Stix
November 10, 2009
Nicholas Stix, Uncensored

At 9 p.m. tonight, Nation of Islam mass murderer John Allen Muhammad/John Williams is due to be executed via lethal injection, at Virginia’s Greensville Correctional Center, near Jarratt.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch’s Frank Green wrote, “Muhammad, 48, was sentenced to die for the Oct. 9, 2002, slaying of Dean Harold Meyers, 53, who was shot at a Manassas-area gasoline station, one of 10 people killed and three wounded by Muhammad and his accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo.

Meyers was white; Muhammad and Malvo are black.

Muhammad and Malvo murdered at least one dozen people, and wounded at least three others in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., Alabama and Louisiana.

Yesterday, Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine rejected a last-minute petition for clemency by Muhammad/Williams’ lawyers saying.

“Having carefully reviewed the petition for clemency and judicial opinions regarding this case, I find no compelling reason to set aside the sentence that was recommended by the jury and then imposed and affirmed by the courts.“

Muhammad/Williams’ claim their client is mentally ill, which is becoming a standard trope by lawyers for black mass murderers. Even today, Jonathan Sheldon, one of Muhammad’s lawyers, “In its effort to race John Allen Muhammad to his death before his appeals could be pursued, the state of Virginia will execute a severely mentally ill man who also suffered from Gulf War Syndrome the day before Veterans Day.”

Gulf War Syndrome?! Muhammad/Williams was a one-man syndrome! He tried to murder fellow soldiers in the Gulf War! His lawyer is depicting him as a victim of the war in which he was a traitor, and for which he should have hanged, which would have saved all of his victims.

Meanwhile, Muhammad/Williams has insisted that he is an innocent black man, who was racially profiled. Aren’t they all?

Reports now have sent the fact that Muhammad/Williams was a member of the black supremacist mass murder organization, the Nation of Islam, down the memory hole, that Malvo had said that the killers planned to murder six whites per day, and that someone was financing the cross country murder campaign.


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