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The Nation of Islam's Sacramento Murders

By Nicholas Stix

Due to a successful campaign by the MSM and academia to "disappear" the Nation of Islam's 1970s racist mass murder campaign against whites, most whites know nothing of it. And most of those who know something, recall only that some black "splinter" group murdered a few whites in San Francisco.

But this was not the work of a "splinter" group, the murders were not limited to San Francisco, and it wasn't a few whites in San Francisco. The mass murder campaign was orchestrated out of the NOI's headquarters in "New Mecca" (Chicago), was run through each city's local mosque, and 17 whites were murdered in the City by the Bay alone, just during the period of October, 1973-April 1974. In his classic work, Zebra, Clark Howard estimated that the NOI murdered 270 whites in the state of California alone during the early 1970s. During the same period, the NOI also murdered whites in Oklahoma City and New York City, and an old San Francisco copper who worked the original Zebra detail told me that at the time he saw a secret FBI memo that reported that a parallel campaign was underway on the East Coast.

* * *

A California reader just made this a very Merry Christmas and Happy Kwanzaa for me. Just before Christmas ended, he contacted me, asking if I might be interested in learning about some more “Zebra” (Nation of Islam) murderers. I answered in the affirmative, of course, and soon after the clock struck twelve, he sent me a gold mine of old newspaper clippings from 1974 (there are more to come) about NOI killings and shootings in Sacramento.

And really, what more fit and proper way is there to observe Kwanzaa, a fake holiday celebrating genocidal black supremacy, than by remembering victims (especially ones whom we had never previously commemorated) of the genocidal terror cult, the Nation of Islam?

The white victims were: Joseph F. Belmore, 25 (murdered); Raymond Silva, 53 (murdered); Gerry Bakarich (wounded); and Lloyd Revell, 44 (wounded).

The black assailants were (ages at the time of their crimes): Russell Lang, 19, Emery L. Hanson, 25, and Larry Pratt, 19. Dale McKinney, 23 or 24 at the time of the crimes, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder, and sentenced to life in prison, but not convicted of actually carrying out any of the murders.

Belmore was an unemployed veteran who had survived the War in Vietnam, only to be murdered by racist terrorists while sitting in his room in his parents’ house, sipping a drink.

Silva, a private detective, was ambushed in an alley behind his apartment and killed by a shotgun blast.

Bakarich, an off-duty policeman, was shotgunned.

Revell, 44, was also wounded by a shotgun volley.

My reader grew up with racist NOI murderer Larry Pratt in Vallejo, northeast of San Francisco, and southwest of Sacramento. He wrote,

Larry and his pals tried to kill two people before they ambushed Joe Belmore. Larry’s still in prison in Vacaville, CA….

I’ve spent time trying to understand how one man could make such incredibly poor decisions about his life and then right next to him [in their graduation picture from the Vallejo H.S. Black Student Union] a man becomes a minister. Of course I understand Larry still considers himself to be “a religious leader” in the Black Muslim church.

Larry was also partially responsible for a major race riot at Vallejo High School in Ca which I witnessed in 1973. Him and his friends used to march around the high school in little cadres with black berets, and then catch isolated white students in rest rooms, etc. and beat them up. They never got me, but a lot of people I knew were hurt.

Oh and Lang who’s mentioned below was paroled last year only to have it rescinded before release by Gov. Arnold S.

Note that two of the four white men the Sacramento NOI terrorists shotgunned were peace officers. That can’t have been a coincidence. (On April 14, 1972, a mob of NOI terrorist-followers of Louis Farrakhan committed the ambush murder of white NYPD Patrolman Phillip Cardillo, following a false “10-13”—”officer in need of assistance”—call, in Farrakhan’s Harlem mosque.)

When reading the following articles, note the differences between the reporting of the day, and today’s reporting, and mid-1970s’ law enforcement and today. The reporters did not deliberately seek to hide the respective racial identities of victims and perpetrators, and law enforcement personnel did not routinely lie about racist black killers’ motive.

* * *

3 Black Muslims arrested as shotgun-slaying suspects

SACRAMENTO (UPI) Three Black Muslims were arrested Wednesday on murder charges for a shotgun slaying, and authorities said they were investigating other motiveless shootings which may have been prompted by the San Francisco “Zebra” attacks.
Booked for the murder of Joseph F. Belmore, 25, a white, were Russell Lang, 19, Emery L. Hanson, 25, and Larry Pratt, 19, all members of the local Black Muslim [NS: NOI] sect, police said. Belmore, who lived with his parents, was shot early Wednesday and was the second shooting victim in Sacramento in the last week.
An off-duty policeman, Gerry Bakarich, was shotgunned and wounded Saturday night. The officer remains hospitalized.

On Tuesday morning, Raymond Silva, 53, a private detective, was ambushed in an alley behind his apartment and killed by a shotgun blast. On Monday, Lloyd Revell, 44, another white, was wounded by a shotgun volley.

Sheriff Duane Lowe said the shootings appeared to be indiscriminate attacks by blacks against whites. Following the arrest of the three suspects and their identification as members of the Black Muslims [NOI], authorities said, officers obtained a search warrant and raided the Muslim headquarters.

* * *

The Daily Review, Hayward, California
Friday, November 29, 1974 Page 7
Four face life terms

SACRAMENTO (API) — How does it feel to sit in court and hear yourself described as a dangerous terrorist who should be put in prison for life?

“At limes I felt I would have found myself guilty,” said Dale McKinney, 24.
McKinney, secretary of Sacramento’s Black Muslim [NS: NOI] temple, was one of four young Muslims sentenced to life imprisonment Wednesday.

His three co-defendants, Larry Pratt, 26, and Emery Hanson and Russell Lang, both 19, were convicted of first degree murder in the shooting death of a white man, Joseph Belmore, last April. Police said a sawed-off shotgun was found in their car shortly after the shooting.

McKinney, arrested in the Muslim temple five hours later, was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder.

The first-degree murder charge against him was dropped after the jury deadlocked 11-1 for conviction.

* * *

The times standard, Eureka CA
Monday, November 11, 1974

SACRAMENTO (UPI) - Four Black Muslims have been convicted of conspiring to murder an unemployed Vietnam veteran as he sat in his living room.
Three of the four men were convicted of killing Joseph Belimore, 25, as he drank a cocktail in his house last April 24.

A six-man, six-woman jury returned the verdicts Saturday in Sacramento County Superior Court against Emery L. Hanson, 26, Russell Land, 18, and Larry Pratt, 19.
Dale E. McKinney, 24, was found guilty of conspiring to murder Belmore, but was acquitted of murder.

A conspiracy to commit murder conviction carries a life prison sentence. The death penalty is not applicable under the new capital punishment law.

McKinney was also found guilty of wounding off-duty detective Gerald Bakarich with a shotgun outside a grocery April 20.

All four men were found innocent of assaulting Lloyd O. Revel as he walked home from a bar the night of April 21.

During the trial, which began Aug. 12, prosecutors said the conspiracy was founded in the teachings of the Nation Islam (Black Muslims). [NS: Emphasis by newspaper.]

Judge Michael J. Virga set produced a sentencing for Nov. 20.


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