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Breaking News: Exclusive to TZP/NSU:Parole Denied to Nation of Islam Serial Killer!

By David in TN
Wed, Aug 28, 2019 3:19 p.m.


According to the Inmate Board Actions section of the California Dept. of Corrections Inmate Locator, Larry Craig Green, one of the 70's NOI/Black Muslim "Zebra Killers," was "denied parole for 5 years."

The next Parole Suitability Hearing for Green will be in August 2024.

As I recall Clark Howard's book, Green was about the worst of the bunch, which is saying something. Maybe the Board took nature of the crime into consideration.

I couldn't find a news item on the denial of parole for one of the Zebra Killers.

N.S.: You couldn't find a news item, David, because there isn't any. You're it!

Thanks so much.

Nation of Islam Assassinates 2 Prison Wardens, Commits Attempted Assassination of Captain of Guards

By Bruno Gheerbrant

I thank French researcher Bruno Gheerbrant for sending me this article several years ago, as part of a DVD on the Nation of Islam.

Reading the original news article, it was immediately obvious that Joseph Bowen and Fred Burton (aka Fred Muhammad Burton) had gone to the Deputy Warden’s office intending to assassinate him, with the talk of “discussion” just a pretext. And sure enough, as the Officer Down Memorial Page tells it, Bowen and Burton had meticulously planned out their murders.

Both were already cop-killers, and Joseph Bowen would commit additional heinous crimes while in prison.

There was no justice for any of the terrorists’ four victims, as the killers were only sentenced to life until parole.

The Dead

Warden Patrick Curran, 48. End of Watch May 31, 1973.

Deputy Warden Robert Fromhold, 51. End of Watch May 31, 1973.

Police Officer Joseph V. Kelly (assassinated by Joseph Bowen). End of Watch Sunday, February 21, 1971.

Sgt. Frank R. Von Colln/Collin (assassinated by Fred Burton), 43. End of Watch Saturday, August 29, 1970.

The Wounded

Guard Capt. Leroy Taylor, 49


Prisoners Kill 2 Wardens In Dispute Over Prayers

Van Nuys Valley News

June 1, 1973

PHILADELPHIA (UPI – The warden and deputy warden of Holmesburg Prison were stabbed to death yesterday during a grievance hearing on prayer services with two Black Muslim [N.S.: Nation of Islam] inmates, one serving a life term for the murder of a policeman and the other accused of a police killing

A guard captain also was stabbed before the two prisoners were subdued by guards with clubs in a fierce battle in which both inmates were injured seriously.

Warden Patrick Curran 48, and Dep Warden Robert Fromhold 51, both stabbed in the chest, were pronounced dead at Nazareth Hospital

Guard Capt Leroy Taylor 49 was reported in good condition at Nazareth with stab wounds in the back The two inmates, identified as Joseph Bowen and Fred Burton, were under heavy police guard at Philadelphia General Hospital.

Bowen 25 had a ruptured spleen and a broken arm and Burton 26 suffered severe head injuries, a hospital spokesman said.

Officials said Bowen and Burton had gone to Fromhold’s office to discuss a request for daily Muslim prayer services. A few minutes later, officials said, Fromhold staggered bleeding from the office and Taylor and Curran, whose office was across the hall, rushed to his aid. Both were stabbed, Curran fatally.

Patrick N. Curran

Warden Patrick Curran and Deputy Warden Robert Fromhold were stabbed to death by two members of a religious group that was upset with prison restrictions at Holmesburg Prison. The two had planned in detail the murder of Deputy Warden Fromhold for his refusal to grant more meeting time to the group in the prison gym.

The suspects created a fake pass which they gave to a rookie guard who was filling in for a regular guard at the prison. The pass indicated they were allowed to see Deputy Warden Fromhold. When they entered his office the two closed the door and attacked him as he sat at his desk, stabbing him several times. Warden Curran and another officer heard the commotion from across the hall and went to assist Deputy Warden Fromhold. Warden Curran was stabbed in the back by one of the inmates in the rescue attempt. Deputy Warden Fromhold succumbed to his wounds at the scene and Warden Curran succumbed to his wounds en route to a local hospital.

One of the two suspects was in prison for the murder of Philadelphia Police Officer Joseph Kelly on February 21, 1971. After the murders of Deputy Warden Fromhold and Warden Curran both suspects were sentenced to life in prison.

In 1995 a new prison facility was named the Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in honor of Warden Curran and Deputy Warden Fromhold.

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Shocking News: William F. Buckley Jr. Once Wrote, Exposing Black Supremacist Terrorists!

Re-posted by Nicholas Stix

I thank the great French researcher of black supremacist terror in America, Bruno Gheerbrant, who sent me this and many other files from France several years ago.

I was a token white in just such a program for subsidizing muggers (though I was never a mugger), the federally-funded Youth Justice Program, which was run by the Community Action Program, the Nassau County Economic Opportunity Commission, which was in turn run by poverty pimp and alleged extortionist, the late John Kearse. According to black women who worked for Kearse as Head Start teachers, Kearse forced them to kick back a chunk of their pay to him. White, Republican, Nassau County DA Denis Dillon made the matter go away for Kearse.

Virtually all “anti-poverty” programs exist to subsidize muggers, and to support an easy, middle-and upper-middle-class lifestyle for the poverty pimps.  

William F. Buckley Jr.

Five Percenters Are Terrorists
The Newark Advocate And American Tribune
Oct. 21, 1965 [Drawing of WFB]

Rumors in New York have seethed for weeks, and now the story, or at least part of it, is out. The political implications are not clear, but details are slowly emerging which seem to suggest that a group of ideological thugs mostly in the Harlem area have been blackmailing the city and federal government. Their terms: Continue to pour money into us through the so-called HARYOU-ACT, or else we will bring bloody revolution to the streets of New York.

HARYOU-Act was designed as one of the anti-poverty programs, and mostly it has been caught up in factional struggles based on the forlorn hope of a few idealists that it could be decolonized from the empire of Rep. Adam Clayton Powell Jr., whose favor is greatly needed to finance the poverty program because of his important committee chairmanship. Powell, of course, won out, causing the resignation of Dr. Kenneth Clark, and the sigh of resignation that HARYOU—ACT [mistake in original] would simply become another of Mr. Powell’s expensive hobbies.

It has apparently turned into something more than that. The executive director of the program, Mr. Livingston Wingate, has announced that he lives in fear of his own life. The reason is that a group of young Negroes, aged between 13 and 21, have banded together swearing eternal and bloody hostility not only towards the white race, but towards most Negroes too.

They call themselves the Five Percenters.

By that they mean to say that only five percent of the Negro race truly understands, and is truly dedicated to the revolutionary struggle. Eighty-five percent of the Negroes, they inform themselves, are dogs—exploited, and glad to be exploited. Ten percent of the Negroes are exploiters, e.g. Ralph Bunche Jackie Robinson.

That leaves the Five Percenters.

They are schooled in the “theology” of the Black Muslims, and in the disciplines of judo and karate. They appear to gravitate towards violence for the sheer exhilaration of it, although there is an incapacitated attempt at intellectual justification of the kind that Black Muslimism furnishes.

The Five Percenters have a leader who, providentially, is in jail. He is Allah, and Allah cannot at the moment get his hands on $9,500 to bail himself out for inciting riots, resisting arrest and possessing marihuana.

This is more than a routine story about a mischievous sect, for several reasons. The first is that the Five Percenters have apparently terrorized large parts of Harlem. Certainly they have terrorized Mr. Livingston Wingate. “I’ve talked to police. They’re scared, they know the facts. If I tell too much, I’ll be the late Wingate.”

The police are apparently scared because a realistic estimate of the capabilities of the young fanatics, who number between 200 and 1,000, suggests that they could indeed succeed in spilling a great deal of blood. They are apparently fearless, intoxicated by the mad belief that as servants of Alla (who, by the way, before his transfiguration was known as Puddin’ Smith), they are immune to such mundane weapons as police bullets or clubs. They are already linked to two murders, to innumerable muggings, theft and vandalism; there are tie between their organization and the plot last spring against the Statue of Liberty.

They are said to have prepared an integrated death roster in which prominent Negroes and whites appear. And now the police reveal that Allah (Puddin’) Smith has declared, “We’re going to kill the cops and all the white people—women and children, too. We’re going to start a blood bath now and, if we don’t get our share of poverty funds, blood will flow.”

The scandal in the making is the rumor that important politicians, state, city and federal, have known about the blackmail, but for fear of igniting a riot, have gone along with it. The notion of paying great sums of money into the hands of a young group of junked-up fanatics, rather than face the messy problem of rounding them up and putting them away somewhere until Allah sees the glory of the coming of the Lord, is a matter of considerable public interest, and may well become among the first orders of business in Congress. Among other things to be considered is this, that the funds for the poverty program have been spent so rampantly, without any idea where they ultimately land up, that the program has bred farce, along with, for instance, such dangerous stepchildren as the Five Percenters.

Breaking News: Nation of Islam Zebra Killer is Up for Parole, but Don’t Look to the MSM to Tell You about It

By David in TN

Exclusive to The Zebra Project/WEJB/NSU

Sunday, August 25, 2019 at 5:20:00 P.M. EDT

[Cross-posted at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.]

Larry Craig Green, one of two living NOI/Zebra killers still in prison, is scheduled for a parole hearing on Tuesday, August 27.

I check the California Inmate Locator periodically and discovered this piece of news. Will the MSM take notice?

The California Parole Board has been generous in granting paroles the last few years. In 2018, Joe Remiro, one of the SLA killers in the 1973 murder of Oakland School Superintendent Marcus Foster was paroled. Remiro was the last SLA member still incarcerated.

Also in 2018 Vernon Robinson, who killed a woman in her Hollywood apartment in 1963, was released. I met the prosecutor for this case in 2012.

Manson girl Leslie Van Houten has been granted parole twice. The last time a few months ago. Each time left-wing California Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom have overruled the parole board.

[N.S.: Thank goodness, she’s white, or Brown might’ve gone along with it!]

It will be interesting to see what happens with “Zebra Killer” Larry Craig Green. Remiro had been in for 45 years, about the same length of time as Green.

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Attacks on Whites in Oklahoma City by the Nation of Islam

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Cross-posted at Nicholas Stix, Uncensored.

Attacks on Whites in Oklahoma City by the Nation of Islam

Compiled by Nicholas Stix

Note that these murders and attempted murders were committed during the same period as the NOI's "Zebra Murders" in San Francisco. That was no coincidence.

Murdered: 8

Wounded: 9

June 17, 1973. “A man was fatally shot. Three people were shot and wounded.”

10:30 p.m. Two black men shoot Edward Norton and his son Robert Norton, 24, in their home in a predominantly black neighborhood. Robert Norton dies.

June 18, 1973. 12:01 a.m. Two men shoot Ryan Caldwell, 32, several times through a door (he refused to open it.). This attack was committed 91 minutes after the one on the Nortons.

1:45 a.m. Three black men shoot Patricia Hall, 14, in the head with a shotgun. She survives.

March 17, 1974. Sharon K. Workman. Two men kidnapped a “woman from an Oklahoma City nightclub, forced her to disrobe and choked or knocked her unconscious.” They ran off when a dog started barking.

June 8, 1974. Lynn Marin Nunn. A black man kidnaps her, forces her to disrobe. She escapes by leaping out of attacker’s moving car.

July 15, 1974. Nancy Lynn Nuckels, 21, kidnapped from a nightclub, and murdered, shot six times.

Aug. 3, 1974. 12:30 a.m. Judy Webb, 18, kidnapped from a nightclub and shot to death.

Aug. 3, 1974. Karen Trantham, 23, kidnapped with Webb and shot; Trantham survived.

August 18, 1974. Sometime after 11:30 p.m., Stephen Ray Wilburn, 20, is shot, execution-style, at a gas station.

August 26, 1974, 12:40 a.m. Carlton Fields, 24, and Jerry Hohne, 23. A black man shot both men dead at a pizzeria. Fields was able to describe the killer before dying.

September 2, 1974. Larry Cox, 19, was “executed” at a second gas station.

Only Alfred Brooks, now app. 66, was convicted of any of the foregoing murders and attempted murders.

On January 21, 1976, Brooks was convicted of Judy Webb’s murder, and sentenced to death. His sentence was commuted the following year.

Source: “Black Muslim killings gain new attention.” By Ken Raymond, The Oklahoman, September 7, 2008.

Posted by Nicholas 12:03 P.M.